Course curriculum

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  3. 3
    • Vocabulary Check - Character & Relationships

    • Test Your Vocabulary - Relationships: Intermediate

  4. 4
    • I'd Like To Get To Know

    • An Irish Song 4 - CHASING CARS

    • Dating In Different Cultures

    • A First Date In Ireland

    • A First Date In Ireland - Useful Language Quiz

    • The Ideal Partner

  5. 5
    • Intermediate Grammar Point - Past tenses & Prepositions

    • Test Your Grammar - Intermediate

  6. 6
    • An Irish Film 2 - ONCE

    • ONCE - Useful Language Quiz

    • Where Do I Stand In This Relationship?

    • I REALLY Like You

    • I Like You - I Love You

    • ‘Tá Mé I Ngrá Leat.’

  7. 7
    • An Irish Song 5 - NOTHING COMPARES 2 U

    • The Five Love Languages

    • Love Language Quiz

    • A Final Love Story

  8. 8
    • Reading For Pleasure - All levels

    • Writing Assignment 3

    • End Of Unit - Your Turn

  9. 9
    • Congratulations & More Resources

    • (Optional) End of Course Test - Elementary/Pre-intermediate

    • (Optional) End of Course Test - Intermediate

    • (Optional) End of Course Test - Upper Intermediate/Advanced

    • Before you go... Quick Survey

    • End of Course Certificate

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Senior Intstructor

Ian O'Malley

I am a teacher and educational writer with over twenty-five years' experience working with English language students. I have lived in Ireland, Spain, Italy, England and Switzerland, and have worked as a content creator, teacher-trainer, examiner and academic director. I have facilitated and led cross-cultural and cultural exchange programmes with clients from different cultures all around the world. As a writer, I've published the educational book series 'The Irish Culture Books', a novel 'God on a Bicycle', a children's book and student graded readers. As a sportsperson, I have represented Ireland internationally, playing in and coaching elite teams, most recently at the Touch Rugby World Cup in Malaysia in 2019.

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'Why is green the colour of Ireland? How have Irish inventions changed war, farming and football? Are Irish people romantic?' These are just some of the questions that are considered in this course. There are many more! The course contains hundreds of discussion questions, quotations, quizzes and creative problem-solving tasks, as well as videos and songs, to help you improve all your language skills, including your grammar, vocabulary and use of functional and colloquial language. At the same time, you will gain greater understanding of Irish culture to enable you to live, work, study, interact and communicate better with Irish people in the English language.